Transfer of knowledge and technology to the industrial sector is an integral part of the institute’s activities.

Globally, 16 research projects with industry were active during 2017, including the Esteve-ICIQ and Henkel-ICIQ joint units. In 20017 we created our first spin-off company: Orchestra Scientific, which has developed an economically affordable, modular and eco-friendly technology to separate CO2 from biogas and capture it from industrial emissions.

5 new patents were applied for, arising from the research results from ICIQ’s groups. CSOL was involved in 9 valorization projects to further develop inventions or know-how from ICIQ’s groups. Additionally, CSOL was involved in two collaborations with industrial partners.

Crysforma increasingly collaborated with international companies in the field of solid state development of APIs. Collaborations in 2017 included German, Chinese, Dutch and Irish companies.

Ertflow continued to generate long-term collaborations with industrial partners in the field of flow chemistry. During 2017, in collaboration with the German biotech company Aicuris, Ertflow was granted a European Industrial Doctorate project involving 3 PhD students.