Protection, valorization and transfer of ICIQ’s R&D results

Inventions resulting from the research carried out at the ICIQ that could possibly have commercial or industrial applications are identified and protected as industrial property titles. Subsequently, these are valorized towards a state where they can be licensed to a company or a spin-off. The actions that allow to develop or demonstrate the viability of a technology, from a technical, commercial / economic point of view, are defined, in common agreement with the researchers. The prototype actions and proofs of concept are carried out in the CSOL laboratory.

At the beginning of 2017, a database has been launched to streamline and make more efficient the management of the ICIQ valorization and technology transfer activities. This database was created by the TTO of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and is being used in other TTOs throughout the country.

During the year 2017, 4 applications for a European patent, one PCT application and a patent application in the United States of America were presented as priority titles. On the other hand, four PCT applications were submitted as international extensions of previous applications. Finally, two patents were granted in Europe.

Similarly to previous years, the La Caixa foundation funded an internal program of grants that has allowed to finance 2 technological development and validation projects aimed at the creation of spin-off companies in the areas of: (i) membranes and materials for the separation of carbon dioxide in gas phase ; (ii) a quantum dots-based diagnostic platform applied to rare diseases. These projects are led by postdoctoral researchers with an entrepreneurial background or mindset and aim at reaching the proof of concept for protected basic research results and facilitating the transfer of the knowledge generated in ICIQ to a spin-off company, designating a entrepreneurial leader of the project. Notably, a total of 5 patent families were transferred in technology transfer operations to 3 different companies, two of which are newly created and one of which counts ICIQ as shareholder (spin-off of the ICIQ).