Complementary training


Training Course Name Audience Date Objectives Provider
IP management at ICIQ ICIQ researchers 03/05/2017 Introduce the existing forms of IP titles and the way IP is managed at ICIQ. Internal (Frédéric Ratel)
H-Cube: continuous flow hydrogenation ICIQ researchers 17/5/2017 An overview of the device possibilities and advantages, to let ICIQ researchers know why they should use this instrument to run their hydrogenations. Ildico Kovács, Thales Nano
Valorization of R&D results ICIQ researchers 18/05/2017 Provide ICIQ researchers with knowledge about the key aspects to be taken into account when considering commercializing R&D results. Arvor Consulting
From Science to Business (BIST) 4 selected researchers 29/05/2017-01/06/2017 Provide researchers with the tools to launch a new business exploiting scientific or technical knowledge. ESADE
Leadership and management skills for Junior PI 2 selected junior PI 03/07/2017-
A three day course that focuses on providing junior Principal Investigators the opportunity to learn essential leadership skills including leading teams, managing time, setting goals, motivating coworkers, and dealing with conflicts HPF Consulting
RSA general overview Newcomers 03/07/17
Regular sessions for new researchers about ICIQ instrumentation facilities. Internal (Gisela Colet)
Gradschool (BIST) PhD 2-4 year 07/06/2017-09/06/2017 GRADschools are experiential learning courses designed to develop the transferable skills of postgraduate researchers. Many researchers who attend the course have a transformational experience, empowered to take charge of their own learning and career. Vitae
MSCA Individual Fellowship Workshop PhD 4 year and postdocs 03/07/17 Help PhD Students in their last year or Postdoc researchers interested in applying for a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship Internal (International projects Unit – Lorena Tomás, Anna Banet, Laura López)
Thermoplastics in 3D Printing BIST researchers & core facilities 5/7/17 Explain the behaviour of thermoplastics in 3D printing, in order to optimize parameters, and also to envision possible composite formulations to obtain a final desired performance of the printed piece. Eurecat
RMN workshop ICIQ researchers 26/07/17 Present all NMR resources available in the intranet Internal (Gabriel González)
Becoming a Scientific Writer: Putting Why? Before How? PhD 2/3 year 06/10/17 Help publishing scientists develop an impartial, analytical view of scientific writing, to better understand their readership, and to make them more efficient writers and editors. The Papermill
Thermal Analysis Workshop ICIQ staff + external audience 18/10/17 The seminar was devoted to Thermal Analysis techniques and their applications on pharmaceutical compounds and polymers Metler Toledo + ICIQ
Mass Spectrometry seminar ICIQ researchers 06/11/17 Introduce basic aspects of mass spectrometry and guidelines to be followed by all MS Unit users Internal (Noemi Cabello)
Fluorescence seminar ICIQ researchers 13/11/17 This talk introduces basic concepts of Uv-Vis absorption spectroscopy and fluorescence measurements. Internal (Fernando Bozoglian)
Career development: Beyond the Bench PhD 4 year and junior postdocs 13 & 14/12/17 Give participants a competitive edge in the job market by developing the intellectual framework needed to make informed career choices, and to provide practical help for the application and selection process, both within and outside academia. The Papermill

ICIQ Seminar Programme


Date Professor University Title
17.01.2017 Prof. Ben G. Davis University of Oxford (United Kingdom) Conference Fèlix Serratosa 2017
23.01.2017 Prof. Mamoru Tobisu Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University (Japan) Catalytic Transformations of Strong Sigma-Bonds
03.02.2017 Prof. Patrick Holland Yale University (USA) Metal Ligand Cooperation in Catalyzed Dehydrogenations
24.02.2017 Dr. Karen Hindson & Dr. Haymo Ross Wiley VCH, Weinheim (Germany) Society Publishing at Wiley-VCH / Dealing with Scientific Misconduct – a Part of an Editor’s day-to-day Work
03.03.2017 Prof. Alfonso Espada Eli Lilly and Company, Madrid (Spain) Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry in the Drug Discovery Scene: A New Tool for Characterizing Protein Ligand Interactions
10.03.2017 Dr. José Alemán Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) From Mono to Bi-functional Catalytic Systems for the Construction of Organic Molecules
30.03.2017 Prof. Bas de Bruin Universiteit van Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Redox Activity of Carbene Ligands; Convergent and Divergent Radical-type Pathways of “Carbene Radicals”
06.04.2017 Dr. Francisco González Bobes Bristol-Myers Squibb Chemical and Synthetic Development, New Jersey (USA) Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry: General Concepts and Selected Examples
11.04.2017 Prof. Rafal Klajn Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) Synthetic Confined Spaces as Tools for Manipulating chemical Reactivities
18.04.2017 Prof. László Kürti Rice University, Houston (USA) Practical Direct Electrophilic Amination of Olefins and Aromatic Systems
28.04.2017 Prof. Masahiro Terada Tohoku University (Japan) New Aspects of Enantioselective Catalysis by Chiral Brønsted Acids and Bases
02.05.2017 Prof. Christopher E. D. Chidsey Standford University (USA) Atomic-Layer-Deposited Metal-Oxide Alloys on Silicon Photoanodes for Water Oxidation
12.05.2017 Prof. Masahiro Murakami Kyoto University (Japan) Photon-Assisted Organic Synthesis
19.05.2017 Prof. Declan G. Gilheany University College Dublin (Ireland) Asymmetric Grignard Synthesis of Tertiary Alcohols
26.05.2017 Dr. Jan Streuff Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany) Radical Reactions under Catalyst-Control: Titanium(III)-Catalyzed Reductive Umpolung Processes
31.05.2017 Prof. Dr. Robert Wolf  Universität Regensburg (Germany) Benzylic C-H Bond Oxygenation and Oxidative Chlorination by Flavin Photocatalysis
02.06.2017 Prof. Dr. Nuno Maulide Universität Wien (Austria) Organic Synthesis with Rearrangements: Adventures in Total Synthesis
05.06.2017 Prof. Dr. Daniela A. Wilson Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands) Autonomous Self-assembled Particles for Biomedical Applications
12.06.2017 Prof. Dr. Erwin Reisner University of Cambridge (United Kingdom Solar-driven Catalysis with Hybrid Semiconductor Systems
14.06.2017 Prof. Gary A. Molander University of Pennsylvania (USA) Fast Bioorthogonal Chemistry: Discovery, Development and Applications
19.06.2017 Prof. J. C. Scaiano University of Ottawa (Canada) Click Nanocatalysis, One Molecule at a Time
23.06.2017 Prof. Barry M. Trost Stanford University (USA) A Challenge for Total Synthesis of Bioactive Targets: Atom Economy
07.07.2017 Prof. Samuel Sánchez Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC)(Spain) & Max-Planck- Institut für Intelligent Systeme, Stuttgart (Germany) Catalysis for Powering Nanomotors and their Applications
14.07.2017 Prof. Dr. Armido Studer Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster (Germany) Electron-Catalysis
17.07.2017 Prof. Jun-Li Hou Fudan University, Shanghai (China) Synthetic Tubular Molecules Mimicking the Function of Channel Proteins
08.09.2017 2017 Marcial Moreno Lectureship – Prof. Rubén Martín Institut Català d’Investigació Química (ICIQ)(Spain) Ni-Catalyzed Reductive Carboxylation Reactions
14.09.2017 Prof. Kate A. Jolliffe The University of Sydney (Australia) Cyclic Peptides and Peptidomimetics: Synthesis and Applications in Supramolecular Chemistry
15.09.2017 Prof. Dr. Dennis G. H. Hetterscheid Universiteit Leiden (The Netherlands) Iron Based Molecular Electrocatalysts for the Water Oxidation Reaction
20.09.2017 Prof. Takashi Ikawa Osaka University (Japan) How to Handle Violent “Benzynes”?
02.10.2017 Prof. Takuya Hashimoto Kyoto University (Japan) Pursuit of New Catalyst Designs
06.10.2017 Prof. Dr. Kristen Zeitler Universität Leipzig (Germany) New Approaches for Multicatalytic Transformations
20.10.2017 Dr. Jordi Bures University of Manchester (United Kingdom) Better Understanding for Better Reactions
14.11.2017 Prof. Liviu Mirica Washington University in St. Louis (USA) The Organometallic Reactivity of High-Valent Pd and Ni Complexes
01.12.2017 Prof. Marc Robert Université Paris Diderot (France) Molecular Catalysis of the CO2 Reduction with Highly Active Fe Complexes. From CO2 to CO and then CH4
12.12.2017 Prof. Berit Olofsson Stockholm University (Sweden) Regiospecific N-Arylation of Nitrogen Nucleophiles under Mild and Metal-Free Conditions
15.12.2017 Dr. Didier Bourissou Université Paul Sabatier (France) Transition Metal Reactivity Under Ligand Control
20.12.2017 Prof. Dr. Karol Grela University of Warsaw (Poland) Making Olefin Metathesis Work: Current Advances and Retreats
21.12.2017 Prof. Dr. Guy Bertrand   University of California San Diego (USA) Stable Carbenes and Related Species: Powerful Tools in Organic, Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
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