Celebrating 10 years of ERC

  • The European Research Council turned 10 in 2017. At ICIQ we wanted to join this celebration. To do so, we organised a full “ERC Day” that took place on Thursday, March 16th, at the ICIQ Auditorium. The event featured invited talks by Prof. Andreu Mas-Colell (BIST President and former ERC Secretary General), Dr. Esther Rodríguez Blanco (ERC National Contact Point), and Prof. Antonio Echavarren (ICIQ Group Leader and ERC Advanced grantee) among other contributions.

    Since the ERC started, ICIQ has been awarded 15 projects, meaning more than €17 million in competitive funding. This money has helped ICIQ create a total of 125 jobs between PhD students, Postdocs and Technicians. Thanks to ERC funding, groups were able to buy state of the art equipment to develop their research, making a total of 71 devices. One of the main goals of the ERC is promoting high quality, high impact research that can be transferred to society. In this regard, ICIQ published 215 peer-reviewed papers and was granted two patents thanks to ERC funding.