€3.2m for ITN projects

  • ICIQ coordinates 2 ITN projects and participates in another. In total, these three ITN networks will train 24 students in a multidisciplinary, inter-sectorial, international approach, involving 27 European institutions.

    Within Horizon 2020, the European Union funds the creation of innovative training networks (ITN). In the 2017 call, ICIQ was selected to coordinate two of these networks and participate as partner in a third. Moreover, ICIQ demonstrated its versatility by obtaining funding from all three of the ITN categories – European Training Networks, European Industrial Doctorates, and European Joint Doctorates.

    NOAH: Prof. Pau Ballester coordinates this ITN focused on the design of new methodologies for molecular encapsulation. Researchers involved will look for new ways of ‘trapping’ molecules inside molecular containers to develop, among other things, controlled drug delivery systems and sensors. It will train 10 new PhDs. https://www.noah-itn.eu/

    VIRO-FLOW: ICIQ’s technology unit ERTFLOW, coordinates ICIQ’s first European Industrial Doctorate ITN network.  It will train 3 new PhDs who will carry out half of their research at AiCuris, a German company specialised in the development of new antibiotics and antivirals. VIRO-FLOW will study new synthetic methodologies in flow chemistry that will lead to cleaner, more sustainable chemical processes. http://www.viro-flow.eu/

    eSCALED: Prof. Antoni Llobet participates as a partner in eSCALED, a European Joint Doctorate that will train 11 PhDs. Their research will be focused on artificial photosynthesis.